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New delivery for string magnet

This is the new delivery string magnet for American clients, Size 7”, 5 1/8” and 3 1/2”. This wellbore clean-up magnet suitable for all downhole conditions and with robust, high performance features, is designed to recover large volumes of ferrous debris to ensure the integrity of the wellbore cleanup. It is featured a large magnetic surface area along with discrete flow channels to combine higher magnet strength with greater volume to optimize recovery.  Magnet is the perfect string magnet to be run during WBCU, drilling, fishing, milling and completion operations when the removal of ferrous debris is required.


Highly reliable with proven field record, maximum capacity up to 39kgs
High strength magnet strips used provide high carrying capacity and temperature resistance
No internal connections
Easily field redressable

Removable magnets for body inspection .
Recovered material is easily removed on location.
High temperature rating on magnets up to 350%F (177°C) .
Debris channels allow for larger volume of ferrous material to accumulate.

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