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circulating device

  circulating device is an Eni-patented system used in managed pressure 
drilling operations to enable continuous circulation and hole cleaning even while 
making connections. It is used while either drilling or tripping in or out of the hole. 
The manifold, when used in conjunction with the e-cd subs in the drill string, allows 
connections to be made without ever turning rig pumps off.
» Designed to easily divert the drilling mud from the standard flow path downhole 
to the side port of the circulation sub when making a connection while drilling.
» Diversion is performed without stopping the continuous circulation of fluids – 
mud pumps are never turned off.
» Used to equalize the pressurized chambers to ensure a soft pressure build-up to 
minimize any water-hammer or pressure effects. 
» Bleeds off the trapped pressure above the circulating sub for safe disconnection 
of the top drive when attaching another stand. 
» Provides access for an independent mud fill-up system for the new empty drill 
pipe stand without any variation of flow rate or equivalent circulation density. 
» Enables soft bleed-off of trapped pressure behind the side port closure mechanism.
» Compatible with loss circulation material and high density drilling fluids 
(up to 2.40sg / 20ppg).
» Includes pressure sensors to improve process and safety.
» Enables drilling difficult formations with small pore/frac pressure windows.
» Provides constant equivalent circulating density while making connections along 
entire well profile.
» Provides constant hole cleaning.
» Reduces possible transition errors during connections.
» Reduces potential connection gas.
» Reduces stuck pipe incidents.
» Reduces ballooning effects.
» Integral valves are hydraulically operated from a dedicated control panel that can 
be detached from the manifold for remote positioning in small rigs.
» No bottom hole temperature variations due to stopped circulation.
» Allows real-time monitoring during connections.
e-cd™ Diversion Manifold
LEVEL 1 CAPABILITY OPTIMIZED PRESSURE DRILLING | Level 2 Capability (if applicable) | Continuous Circulation Systems

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