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The subsurface control valve (SSC)

The subsurface control valve (SSC) is a combination valve and
backoff joint used to close in a well being drilled without the
drillpipe being pulled. This capability is especially useful in
offshore operations when storms are expected or when surface
equipment must be repaired. The valve helps eliminate the hazard of
leaving pipe standing in the derrick during a storm and saves time.
Usually a hookwall packer, such as the RTTS® packer, is used with
the SSC valve to support the drillpipe weight. The packer seals
inside the casing (surface pipe or intermediate casing string), and
the SSC valve seals the drillpipe ID. Because the SSC valve includes
a backoff connection, the drillpipe above it can be removed and
reconnected when operations resume.
When the tool is operated from a floater-type rig, a bumper sub or
slip joint should be inserted in the drillpipe above the SSC valve

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