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  • Coiled Tubing Blowout Prev

    KW-CT-14 Blowout Preventer Assembly allows fast removal of ram actuator bodies for Fast ram repair/size change without the use of hand tools
  • Snake Pin

    KW-CT-13 CT Snake Pin Assembly is connected to the coiled tubing and is used to start the coiled tubing into the injector.
  • Hydraulic Bow Spring Centr

    KW-CT-10 Hydraulic Bow Spring Centralizer utilizes hydraulically expandable bow springs
  • Flow Release External Pull

    KW-CT-07 Flow Release External Pulling Tools are designed to latch and retrieve standard external fishing profiles
  • Dual Circulation Sub

    KW-CT-06 Dual Circulation Sub is designed to allow additional circulation capabilities above the tool string by two activation methods
  • Ball Check Valve

    KW-CT-04 Ball Check Valve Typically run in tandem, the Ball Check Valve is a safety component used within a coiled tubing string.
  • Slip-Grub Screw Connector

    KW-CT-02 The Slip-Grub Screw Connector is used to connector a tool string to the coiled tubing via a threaded connection.
  • Dimple-Grapple Drilling Co

    KW-CT-01The Dimple-Grapple Drilling Connector has been designed specifically for drilling operations with downhole motors and impact hammers
  • Bow Spring Centralizer

    KW-CT-09 The Coiled Tubing Bow Spring Centralizer guides the coiled tubing or tool string directly in the center of the well bore.
  • Flapper Check Valve

    KW-CT-05 The CT Flapper Check Valve is a safety component within a coiled tubing string.
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