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  • Mud Pump

    KW-RP-08 KINGWELL can supply F Series, 3NB series Triplex Single Acting Mud pump. KWF series is main part.
  • Rotary Table

    KW-RP-07 Rotary table is effective device used in drilling rig which conforms to API spec 7K.
  • Drilling Rig Mast

    KW-RP-05 Mast types are including A type, K type (open-front type), derrick, mast and bootstrap etc type.
  • Rig Swivel

    KW-RP-04 A water swivel allows fluid or air to pass into a rotating pipe. The swivels job is simple though very demanding.
  • Travelling Block and Hook

    KW-RP-03 Travelling Block and Hook are effective devices of drilling rig for lifting
  • High and Low Pressure Pipe

    KW-RP-09 Kill &choke manifold is the necessary equipment for controlling kick, controlling pressure of oil &gas.
  • Drawworks

    KW-RP-02 Drawworks is the core part of Drilling Rig. It is used for operation of lifting or laying down mast, hoisting or descending drilling tools.
  • Top Drive

    KW-RP-06 Top Drive System is a new-style drilling system, which is used to instead of the rotary table.
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