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  • Casing Head

    KW-WH-04 casing head is used to suspend and seal a casing string and connect kinds of wellhead assembly.
  • Tubing Head

    KW-WH-05 Tubing head seals the annular space between the tubing string and the casing
  • Elevator

    KW-WH-06 Elevator is used to hoist and lower the drill pipe, casing and tubing, etc.
  • Tong

    KW-WH-08 Tong is used to tighten or hook off the couplings, subs, drill pipe, casing, etc.
  • Slip

    KW-WH-09 Slip is used to clutch and hold the drill pipe, drill collar, casing and tubing, etc.
  • Tubing Spool and Casing Sp

    KW-WH-18 Tubing Spool and Casing Spool are indispensable parts in wellhead assembly.
  • Casing Hanger and Tubing H

    KW-WH-17 Casing hanger supports the casing string and tubing hanger provides a primary annulus seal between the tubing and production casing.
  • Kill Manifold and Choke Ma

    KW-WH-03 KINGWELL offers a full line of maifolds for wellhead pressure control.
  • Ram Type and Annular Type

    KW-WH-02 BOP is an important part of well-control equipments used to prevent well blowout effectively and realize safe construction.
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