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  • Check Valve

    KW-V-2 Gate valve is installed inside the high pressure piping to prevent liquid backstreaming by self-closing baffle.
  • Choke Valve

    KW-V-5 Choke valve is used to lower the pressure and regulate the low of the high pressure liquid.
  • Plug Valve

    KW-V-7 A plug valve is shaped like a cylinder or cone and can be rotated inside the valve body to control flow of fluids.
  • Ball Valve

    KW-V-3 KINGWELL ball valve has Standard structure and improved type,or can produce as customers needs.
  • Globe Valve

    KW-V-6 Globe valve is used to connect or disconnect the line of medium,not used for regulating flows.
  • Butterfly Valve

    KW-V-4 butterfly valve can be can be designed as regulating or cut off / regulating combined valve.
  • Gate Valve

    KW-V-1 Gate valve is used in drilling oil production system, such as kill manifold, choke manifold, mud manifold,etc.
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