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  • Corrugated roll

    KW-FRG-06 Corrugated roll is a key component for packaging and printing machinery.
  • Rolling Mill Roll

    KW-FRG-05 Rolling mill roll is an important part of the rolling machine
  • Mandrel Bar

    KW-FRG-04 Mandrel is one of the most important tools to produce large-diameter seamless steel pipe in modern tech.
  • Die Steel/Tool Steel

    KW-FRG-03 Our company mainly produces plastic mold steel such as P20, 718, 4Cr13 ,hot work die steel such as H13.and cold work die steel
  • Pipe Mould

    KW-FRG-02 Pipe mould is a kind of device to produce different size of metal water-cooling for ductile iron pipes
  • Forging for Downhole Tools

    KW-FRG-01 Forgings for API 7-1 Drilling Stabilizer, Drilling Jar, Drill Collar, Heavy Weight Drill Pipe, Kelly, Sub and so on
  • Forgings for Flange/Valve/

    KW-FRG-07 KINGWELL produce other forged parts such as Shaft for Flange, Main Shaft for Wind Turbine, Transmission Forgings.
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