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Surface Well Testing system

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Flowhead - Surface Test Tree 
Emergency ShutDown (ESD) System
Choke Manifold
Data Header
3-Phase Test Separator
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Surface Well Testing 
Well Testing Equipment
Well testing equipment are designed for surface oil and gas well testing, in accordance with following codes:
Well testing equipment supplied are safe, reliable, accurate, durable and high cost performance. They are being in service 24x7 hours in South Asia, Middle East, Africa and Chinese Mainland by Sinopec and / or CNPC.
Trailer-Mounted Surface Well Testing Package
Well testing equipment and auxiliary equipment package which are assemblied on two or three trailers in order to rapid service and are available.

3phase separator:

Horizontal, Monotube, Three Phase Test Separator with automated controls on gas pressure, gas/oil and oil/water interfaces, mounted on an standard 1CC container sized structural skid with drip pan, crash frame and three-coat,
offshore type paint system, rated for sour (H2S) service. Unit is fully manifolded for complete flexibility of operation, including bypassing and/or co-mingling oil, gas
or water. Unit comes complete with inlet and outlet hammer union connections.

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