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Hydraulic Bow Spring Centralizer

Product number:KW-CT-10 Hydraulic Bow Spring Centralizer utilizes hydraulically expandable bow springs

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Hydraulic Bow Spring Centralizer
The Hydraulic Bow Spring Centralizer utilizes hydraulically expandable bow springs. In a static condition, the bow springs remain in the retracted state, flush with the tools O.D. Circulating differential pressure across the tool expands the bow springs to contact the side wall of the well bore. Being hydraulically activated allows the tool to generate sufficient force in deviated or horizontal well bores to lift the tool string off the side wall, centering it in the well bore. The tool is ideally suited to be utilized as a stabilizer with a downhole motor.
Technical parameters:
O.D. I.D. Overall
1.688” 0.5” 41” 42,000lbs 1.688” -6” 1,000
1.750” 0.5” 41” 49,000lbs 1.750” -6” 850
2.063” 0.5” 41” 76,000lbs 2.063” -8” 650
2.250” 0.5” 41” 92,000lbs 2.250” -8.5” 400

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