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Casing and Pipe cutting equipment

 Single-Trip Casing Cutting System was designed to speed up and simplify the mechanical abandonment operation. It removes the need for the old fashioned marine swivel and the heavy, rigid and hard to handle drill collar string. The system speeds up the handling of the cutting string as only one stand of 8" drill collars need to be run above the cutting assembly.
q pipe cuters range in size from 3 5⁄8" OD to 16" OD and will cut 4 ½" to 36" casing. The pipe cutter works on the principle of pressure drop across an orifice, which in turn forces the cutting blades into the open position. The tool is equipped with a piston position indicator which enables the operator to be positive that a cut has been achieved.

9 5⁄8" Rota0ng System
A. Series 9 Rotating Spear Connections: 4 ½" IF Box x Pin Top Sub: 2 ¼" ID
Fishing Neck: 6 ¼" OD
Inner Mandrel: 5 ⅜" OD x 2" ID Main Body: 7 ¼" OD
Must be dressed with suitable grapple for size and weight of casing.
B. 6 ½" OD Bumper Sub Connections: 4 ½" IF Box x Pin Main Body: 6 ½" OD x 2 ¼" ID Stroke: 20" or 1.66”
C. Drill Pipe Spacers (as required)
D. 8 ¼" OD Pipe Cutter
Connections: 4 ½" IF Box x 4 ½" Reg Box
Internal - 8 ¼" Bowen Fishing Neck: 6 ½" OD
Main Body: 8 ¼" OD
To cut 13 ⅜" Max Knife OD: Casing

13 3⁄8" Rotating System
  A. Series 13 Rotating Spear
Connections: 6 5/8” REG Box x Pin Top Sub: 3" ID
Fishing Neck: 8” OD
Inner Mandrel: 6 ¾” OD x 3" ID Main Body: 11 ¾” OD
Grapple or Segment size will be determined by casing or wellhead size
B. Spacer Subs (as required)
C. Non-Rotating Stabiliser
Connections: 6 ⅝" Reg Box x 4 ½" IF Pin Mandrel: 3" ID x 8" OD (9 ¼" OD on
Sleeve: 12 ¼" OD x 8 ⅛"ID
D. 8 ¼" OD Pipe Cutter
Connections: 4 ½" IF Box x 4 ½" Reg Box
Internal - 8 ¼" Bowen Fishing Neck: 6 ¼” OD
Main Body: 8 ¼" OD
Max Knife OD: To cut 13 ⅜“ Casing
Pipe Cutter and knives used in 2014 campaign wells
Average cutting time for 20” & 36” (50mm wall thickness) was 4.5 hours

All equipment is manufactured and certified to API and ISO specifications
type: from 2 ¼” thru 36”.
Spear Pack off Tools & Spear Stop Subs.
Reverse Circulation Junk Baskets 6” hole thru 17 ½”.
Fishing Jars, Fishing Accelerators and Fishing Bumper Subs.
Drilling Safety Joint’s 6” hole thru 12 ¼”.
Wash over Pipe and all associated equipment
i.e. Wash over Shoes, Drive Subs, lift nubbins, elevators etc.
Wash over pipe sizes 4”, 4 1/2”, 4 ¾”, 5 ½”, 5 ¾”, 7 5/8”, 8 1/8”, 10 ¾” & 11 ¾” Diameter
Fishing Equipment 
qDrill Pipe
Jarring BHA
 Safety Joint
Drill Collar
 Milling equipment
Fishing magnets
Reverse circulation fishing magnets

Developing new designs and prototypes of drilling equipment, testing and production, supply and rental of down hole drilling motors, drilling jars, circulation subs and other equipment from Company’s central R&D and manufacturing facility in Russian Federation (Perm city).
Benefits & advantages:
Parts manufacturing on CNC machines
Several types of non-destructive testing
Quality control at all stages of production
Hydrodynamic equipment testing

Drilling Components Oscillator

generate radial
vibration used to reduce friction between the drill string  and the formation.
These vibrations will reduce drag during sliding and reduce torque during rotary drilling operations.
ydraulically activated tool
The mud flow is distributed around the plug
The stator directs the mud flow at preadjusted angle
The flow creates pressure on the rotor and forces it to rotate at a speed of 2000 rpm
Rotor rotation is transmitted to the eccentric and causes vibration
Features and benefits
Increases ROP and helps maintain tool face orientation
Friction and radial loads reduction
BHA and Drill string torque reduction
Reduction of tool orientation time in the wellbore after pulling of bottom
Reduces buckling
Longer bit life and improved PDC bits performance
Wellbore stability increase
Horizontal wells and extended reach applications
Assists in differential sticking minimizing
Whipstock Solutions
Mechanical set Whipstock Anchor, 5 ¾”, 6 5/8”, 7”, 9 5/8”,13 3/8” & 20”
Can be run as a permanent or retrievable anchor.
Allow to run anchor, whip stock and starter mill on the trip.
Can be sat on any solid bottom.
Minimizes the possibility of movement or rotation by its bi-directional slips.
Whipstock – Hydraulic Set, 5 ¾”, 6 5/8”, 7”, 9-5/8”, 13-3/8” & 20”
Hydraulic set and can be permanent or retrievable
Packer can be used as a barrier
Expandable Open or Cased Hole whip stock System

The Arm actuation does not involve cams underneath the blades – if the Arms are pulled back against a restriction, the activation force can be overcome and they are forced to close into the Body which prevents hanging up on the
Custom designed cutters maximise diamond coverage at the lead corner of the Cutter Arms. Top quality PDC inserts sourced from industry recognised suppliers. Cutter Arms are replaceable without breaking down the rest of the tool. The dynamic seals are deployed in the Top and Bottom Subs allowing quick access for replacement.
A robust body machined from solid 4145 steel forging and API external connections no parallel threads in the structural part of the tool.
Activated by Bit Pressure Drop but can be modified to suit drop-ball activation
Placement of nozzles in the arm bays ensures that they remain clear of debris which could prevent arm closure.
The SDR has an integral stabilised section immediately below the underreaming section to maintain concentricity and reduce vibration, and does not rely on stabilisers below the underreamer.
Expandable Reamer
•Size’s available 4 ½”OD, 5 3/4”OD, 8 1/4”OD.
•Borehole enlarging capacity up to 25-30% of pilot hole.
•Blades will retract on retrieval – preventing tools stuck in well
•Locked open using hydraulics and/or set-down weight
•Jetting cooled and cleaned
•PDC Cutting structure
•Drop ball activation

Drill Collars, Short Drill Collars and associated equipment: 3 1/8”, 3 ½”, 4 ¾”, 6 ½”, 8”
Produced from High Quality Steel AISI 4145 Mod H
Can be made from Steel or Non-Magnetic
Slip & Elevator can be included per customer request
Flex Joint Collars: 3 ½”, 5”, 5 ½”, 6 5/8”
Produced from High Quality Steel AISI 4145 Mod H
Can be made from Steel or Non-Magnetic
Centre upsets protect tube from OD wear and reducing the risk of differential sticking
More flexible compare to regular rigid drill collars

Bladed Drilling Reamer
Removing of ledges in wellbore.
Replaces the requirements for roller reamers and one piece construction.
Reduces torque / stick slip.
Optimizing and smoothing borehole gauge.
Providing maximum steering accuracy
Diamond Reamer Stab
All same advantages as a Bladed Drilling Reamer
Longer blades provide full wrap stabilization
Removes chert / conglomerate modules in soft formations

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