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Emergency Drill Pipe Hang Off Tool BE NO. 8186361

Product Number: BE NO. 8186361

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KINGWELL Emergency Drill Pipe Hang Off Tool BE NO. 8186361 Features & Benefits:

The 76B: AF Tool is a full-opening, annulus pressureoperated tool. With applied pressure, the tool can be locked open and then returned to the normal operating sequence at any time. The Tool operates independently of pressurechanges from operations such as acidizing and fracturing. This gives the Tool greater compatibility and flexibility withother tools in the string.
KINGWELL Emergency Drill Pipe Hang Off Tool (EDPHOT) BE NO. 8186361 Technical Data:

Specification 3 7/8" 7-9"
Outside Diameter 99mm 127.5mm
Drift Diameter 45mm 57mm
Total Length 5163mm 4940mm
Working Pressure 70MPa 105MPa
Working Temperature  -29℃+177℃  -29 ℃ +177℃
Resistance to Tension 1479KN 2377KN
Internal Pressure Strength 135MPa 148MPa
Outer Pressure Resistance 126MPa 138MPa
Torque Strength 34KN.m 37.1KN.m
Binding Screw Thread 2 7/8" CAS & 2 7/8" EU 3 7/8" CAS & 3 1/2" IF


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