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KINGWELL Shape-Razor™(SR) Non-rotating Casing Scraper
One Specialized wellbore Cleanup Tool
KINGWELL Shape-Razor™(SR) Non-rotating Casing Scraper used for wellbore cleanup and casing scraping operations, with the new-generation improvement in integral blade design, it is more effective, more robust and safer for most complex wellbore condition.
Non-rotating, 360° coverage, self centralizing metal-bladed lantern
Integral blade manufactured from a single billet, one piece mandrel.
Optional mill ring for cement removing request.
Available with all API and premium drill pipe connections
Easy to replace the blade cage.
Removes cement sheath, burrs, and pipe scale
Pre-completion wellbore clean-up
Workovers and sidetracking
Drilling / milling cement plugs

-KINGWELL SUPER Unique Shape-Razor™ Scraper
KINGWELL SUPER Unique Shape-Razor™ Series is a heavy duty wellbore clean-up scraper suitable for all downhole conditions and with robust, high performance features.
Run separately or as part of a comprehensive wellbore clean-up, the KINGWELL SUPER Unique Shape-Razor™ is designed to effectively remove cement and other debris from the casing wall, through reciprocation.
The scraper cage flexes like a spring, to conform to the casing internal surface, to mechanically remove hard debris from the casing.
The alloy bronze bearings feature both axial and radial elements to allow extended rotation in harsh environments preventing tool and casing wear. The Heavy Duty version includes an integral string mill. The Standard Duty version comes with a plain external diameter.
Solid state scraper cage and centralizers, manufactured from a single billet without the need for springs, bolts or pads
Non-rotating design with high performance alloy bronze bearings, compatible with high temperature and chemical applications
Optional integral string mill with crushed carbide blades to remove cement
Available with all API and premium drill pipe connections
A properly executed wellbore clean-up mitigates risk during completion operations and the productivity of the well.
Prevent debris related premature packer setting while RIH
Assists in chemical cleans action
Prepare casing wall to ensure packer element sets and mitigate premature elastomer failure
The KINGWELL SUPER Unique Shape-Razor™ scraper is typically the first tool run in a BHA ahead of a brush, magnet or filter tool as it is the most aggressive and most robust tool of this type.
As the Scraper Cage enters the casing, the leading centralizer guides and centralizes the tool. The leading edge of the Scraper Cage blade compresses as it is squeezed into the casing, acting as a self-sprung solid state component.
While running in the hole, the self-cleaning teeth scrape the casing wall removing cement and other hard debris. Internal bearings ensure that the Scraper Cage is pulled into the well, rather than pushed, which prevents collapse of the Scraper Cage.
Once at the packer setting depth, the CHIMERA SUPER Shape-Razor™ is typically reciprocated three or more times across the critical depth while rotating and reciprocating the string.
The bronze alloy bearings have both axial and radial elements to allow extended rotation of the string without damage or wear to the tool or the casing.
The optional integral string mill can be sized to casing drift and is particularly useful when used in a cement milling BHA, as the string mill will help to break up cement and remove any
residual debris left by the mill.

KINGWELL HD Shape-Razor Casing Scraper
One Specialized wellbore Cleanup Tool
The HD Shape-Razor™ Casing Scraper consists of: a high-strength, one-piece mandrel and is designed to meet the demands of Complex wellbore cleanups. By allowing a higher RPM and weight-on-bit rating than the standard Shape-Razor device. The HD Shape-Razor Casing Scraper unit is well suited for drilling up cement accessories commonly found inside the liner or casing.
l More effective. robust and safer to use in a ll wellbore-cleanup of casing-scraping operations.
l Higher RPM and weight-on-bit rating than the standard Shape Razor
l 360°coverage, and equal cleaning force at all angles of well inclination.
l Suitable for severe environment, HTHP-compatible and is not vulnerable to chemical or acid attack.
l Available with all API and premium drill pipe connections
Removes cement sheath, burrs, and pipe scale
Pre-completion wellbore clean-up
Workovers and sidetracking
Drilling / milling cement plugs
Nominal OD(in) Weight (ppf) Connection Centralizer OD(in) Scraper
Cage OD (in)
ID(in) Length (in)
7.000 23.0-29.0
NC38 6.054
1.500 101.4
9.625 53.5-64.9
NC50 8.129
2.500 103.8


KINGWELL RIGID Shape-Razor Casing Scraper
One Specialized wellbore Cleanup Tool
The RIDGE Shape-Razor™ Casing Scraper developed for use in perforated casing or liner to remove perforation burrs and to ensure the safe passage of completion equipment. Provides advanced wellbore cleanup in the post-perforating well phase, where a high degree of casing or liner ID smoothness through the perforated interval is required . Completely removes perforation burrs, preventing damage to completion equipment, including expandable screens/expandable pipe used in complex/smart completion .
l Robust enough to remove bigger and large volume burrs, cementing accessories.
l Clean by rotation and up/down pipe movement..
l Supplied with drill-pipe box up/pin-down connections .
l Available in all common casing/ liner sizes .
Mainly used in perforated casing or liner to remove perforation burrs and to ensure the safe passage of completion equipment
Length(inch) Bore(inch) Casing
Centralizer OD
Blade OD(inch) OD
Max. Tensile
Max. Torque(KN.M)
68 1/2 1 11.5-15 4 4 2/3 4 2 3/8REG 65 25
68 1/2 1 1/2 14-17 4 4 2/3 4 NC31 80 30
71 1 7/8 17-29 5 4/5 6 3/5 5 4/5 NC38 120 40
71 1 7/8 36-58.4 8 1/4 9 8 1/4 NC50 150 50
 KrinBack™ Casing Brush
KrinBack™  utilizes a unique lantern design that provides greater brush life. This lantern design also allows easy, remote location redressing when required, saving time and delivering a higher level of service. The tool's effective, robust, and flexible design allows for complex operations.
Brush cleaning life prolonged during rotation . 
Self-centralizing, flexible-brush lantern .
Available in all common casing/ liner sizes.
Supplied with drill-pipe box-up/ pin-down connections .
Brush pads can easily be replaced on location.
Pre-completion/Drill-Stem Test (DST) and workover cleanup operations.
Can be used as an integral part independently, or as a part of COMBO Wellbore Cleanup tools. 
Can be rotated and reciprocated without damage to either the casing or the tool.

Giant-Mag™ is a wellbore clean-up magnet suitable for all downhole conditions and with robust, high performance features, is designed to recover large volumes of ferrous debris to ensure the integrity of the wellbore cleanup. The magnet features a large magnetic surface area along with discrete flow channels to combine higher magnet strength with greater volume to optimize recovery.
Compact design- Single piece mandrel. 
High strength rare earth magnets.
Fixed stabilizer sleeve to provide stand off when POOH. 
Optional dedicated flow channel to prevent flow path restrictions when packed full of debris
Removable magnets for body inspection . 
Recovered material is easily removed on location.
High temperature rating on magnets up to 350%F (177°C) . 
Debris channels allow for larger volume of ferrous material to accumulate.
Run separately or as part of a comprehensive wellbore clean-up, which designed to capture ferrous metal debris in the wellbore. or as an integral part of the drillstring during wellbore preparation operations.
Grand-Mix™ (GM) Combination casing cleaning tools
Grand-Mix™ (GM) consists of the latest generation scraper, brush and high capacity magnet, combined them into a simplified and rugged tool, which has an integral magnet section to capture ferrous debris, scrapers to dislodge difficult to-remove debris, and brushes to disturb the sheath and any other fluid build-up on the inner wall of the casing or liner. The tool can be run in the inner production riser, casing, and liner to remove a combination of scale, rust, mud film, drilling debris, ferrous debris, and pipe dope.
One tool carries scrapers, brushes, or magnets on the same mandrel.
Large flow area between magnets to capture large debris.
Brush component can be readily redressed at remote locations.
Available with any tubing connection to run directly on the completion tubing.
The Grand-Mix™ can be configured for any Casing and Tubing combination with matching metallurgy and connections

The MATECLEAN  wellbore preparation tool builds on field proven scraper, brush, and magnet technology to supply a single fit-for-purpose tool that can be utilized in standard wellbore displacement and workover applications or sold as part of the completion assembly to provide additional cleaning during installation.
The design of the MATECLEAN incorporates existing technologies from other Baker Hughes wellbore cleanup products for increased reliability and synergy. The tool is designed with large ID’s to accommodate high flow rates. The integrated tool incorporates three independent technologies into one system. The scraper section is used to remove mud or cement sheath, perforation burs, rust, scale, paraffin or similar substances from the casing inside diameter (ID). The brush section assists the scraper in removing debris from the casing ID and helps to agitate fluid during displacement applications for improved effectiveness. The magnet section collects ferrous debris from the wellbore and retrieves it to surface.
The MATECLEAN wellbore preparation tool can be used in a variety of applications, whether it be temporary wellbore cleanup service or permanent installation with downhole completion and intervention systems. In standard wellbore cleanup and displacement applications, the MATECLEAN offers a cost effective, integrated solution for cleaning the wellbore. Additionally, the tool may be run ahead of bridge plugs, whipstocks, lower completion systems, or other systems that will be temporarily or permanently installed in the wellbore. The MATECLEAN assists in cleaning debris ahead of these other products and helps to prepare the setting area, improving the system reliability. The tool’s simplistic, yet robust design makes it a cost-effective solution for a variety wellbore cleanup applications.
· Deepwater
· Remedial and stimulation
· Casing exits
· Completions
· Conventional
· Unconventional
Features and Benefits
· Brushes and scraper blades with 360 degree coverage provides high cleaning effectiveness
· Hard metal applied to scraper blade edge provides endurance and maximum service life
· Stabilizer with integrated magnets collects metal debris downhole and retrieves them to surface and provides additional centralization in deviated wellbores
· Versatile design based on existing wellbore cleanup technology incorporates multiple wellbore cleanup functions into a single tool, creating cost effective solution for both rental and saleable applications and improves system reliability
Casing Size: 7 inch 26-32 lb/ft
Connection: 4.5 inch 12.6 lb/ft TejnarisHydril Blue Box by Pin
 A clean well is essential prior to running expensive and sensitive completion strings or other debris sensitive equipment. Therefore removal, collection of debris and verification of debris removal are extremely important in a wellbore. These operations can be optimized by the Sharp-Razor™ Wellbore Cleaning equipment.

Sharp-Razor™ Casing Scraper is a mechanical tool for clean and polishes the casing or liner ID to remove mud solids, cement sheath, scale and perforation burrs in any wellbore.

The Sharp-Razor™ Casing Scraper can be integrated as a part of a complete
wellbore cleaning tool string used during displacement process prior to
running completion. It can be rotated and reciprocated without fear of
damage to casing or tool due to the rugged design and the fact that
it doesn’t contain external bolts that could work loose under extreme

A Sharp-Razor™ Casing Scraper tool consists of a one-piece Body, non-rotating
Stabiliser and Scraper assembly. The main mandrel rotates through the stabiliser and Scraper assembly to avoid wear or damage to the casing during drill string rotation. The Scraper assembly is self-centralising inside the casing or liner to ensure equal cleaning at all well conditions. It’s also rough, flexible and has the force needed remove and clean 360 degrees without rotation.

The tool is suitable for HPHT wells and can withstand chemical or acid attack.

Typical applications
— Cleaning debris from wellbores in any wellbore cleanup operations
— Post perforation cleaning
— Cleaning after side track operations
— When cleaning is required in drilling operations

— One piece mandrel
— Non rotating stabilizers
— Non rotating scraper sleeve
— No external nuts or bolts
— Standard drill pipe connections
— Extra Large bypass areas for eliminating flow restrictions

— Clean 360 degrees without rotation
— Eliminates casing wear
— High strength mandrel
— Simple to run
— Multiple run possible
— Withstand drilling and milling operations

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