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Product Number: KW-DE-19 It is a special external fishing tool which is engaged on the outside wall of tubing objects such as oil tubing and drill pipes.

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KINGWELL Die Collar Features & Benefits:

KINGWELL die collar is a special external fishing tool which is engaged on the outside wall of tubing objects such as oil tubing and 
drill pipes.
The die collar is manufactured from high alloy steel and special heat treated.
KINGWELL Die Collar Technical Data: 
Type Connection Catch Size (mm)
KW-NC26 NC26 41~52
KW-NC26 NC26 50~68
KW-NC26 NC26 62~80
KW-NC31 NC31 69~73
KW-NC31 NC31 71~82
KW-NC31 NC31 76~95
KW-NC38 NC38 86~108
KW-NC38 NC38 95~118
KW-NC50 NC50 110~135
KW-4 1/2FH 4 1/2FH 114
KW-5 1/2FH 5 1/2FH 141
KW-6 5/8REG 6 5/8REG 168
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