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Hydraulic Oscillator is designed to reduce drilling friction by
producing smooth axial oscillation on drill string frequently and
consistently. This continuous pressure vibration is generated from the
shock tool located above Hydraulic Oscillator that will improve weight
transfer, reduce stick-slip in drilling, optimize weight on bit and improve
working condition of bit and BHA significantly.
TheKWHO tool relies on the following two parts :
1. Pressure pulse section 2.Hydraulic thrust section
The pressure pulse section can create pressure raise and drop frequently
and consistently by itself .The hydraulic thrust section can be used
directly above the pulse section ,and will be caused to extend and
retract ,thus producing an axial oscillation .TheKWHO tool may be positioned
anywhere in the drill-string to focus energy where it will be most effective.


Hydraulic Safety Unit is a special downhole sub joint that designed to
protect drill string against stuck fish securing the entire fishing into the
wellbore. HSU Hydraulic Unit also delivers an efficient method to avoid
unexpected joint break under high string weight, and provide consistent and
reliable performance to run with pipe string.
HSU Hydraulic Safety Unit specializes to withstand high torsional, axial, and
impact loads in a wide range of washover, drilling, and fishing applications.

Hydraulic Drilling Reamer
Hydraulic Reamer brings remote blade to enable it working while
drilling activity and enhance downhole condition with more compatible

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