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KINGWELL Stabilizer-sleeve type

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KINGWELL Stabilizer-sleeve type has the function of integral blade stabilizer,and it can adjust different well dimension by changing different sleeve, and can also change the same type sleeve to extend the service life of the stabilizer.
The stabilizer sleeve and the mandrel are connected by Tapered tube buckle, which makes the replacement and assembly of stabilizer sleeve convenient and reliable.
It is mainly composed of a mandrel, sleeve, O-ring, etc., wherein the three spiral ribs of the sleeve are embedded with a hard alloy column with high hardness and wear resistance to extend the life of the sleeve.
Sleeve replacement
1. Use the tong to loosen the buckle and retreat the sleeve.
2, remove the mandrel for flaw detection
3. Clean the outer surface of the mandrel and the inner hole of the new stabilizer sleeve with the kerosene , and replace a new O-ring for the mandrel.
4. After the mandrel and the new righting sleeve are threaded with the threaded grease, screw in and tighten

Sleeve Specification Mandrel Specification
Drill collar OD (in)
-0, +1/16
Sleeve length (in)
Hardfac ing
Fish Neck Length (in)
-0, +1
Overall length (in)
-1, +2
Body OD Size (in)
-0, +1/16
Body OD Size (in)
-0, +1/16
Bottom Conn
Top Conn
17 1/2 9 1/2 20 HF4000 28 90 9 1/2 3 7 5/8REG pin 7 5/8REG box 4145H MOD
12 1/4 8 16 HF4000 28 66 8 2 13/16 6 5/8REG pin 6 5/8REG box
8 1/2 6 1/2 16 HF4000 28 66 6 1/2 2 13/16 4 1/2IF pin 4 1/2IF box

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