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KW Series Oil And Gas Mixture Pump

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1. product nameKW Series Oil And Gas Mixture Pump

2.Product features:KW The introduction of series oil and gas mixing pump solves the problem of difficult oil and gas mixing at home and abroad, eliminates the torch, realizes the effective recovery and utilization of oil field natural gas, and provides a reliable guarantee for energy conservation, emission reduction and environmental protection.
This product has the function of pump and compressor at the same time, it can transport pure liquid medium, also can transport pure gas medium, suitable for oil and gas mixed transport with high gas content and high compression ratio in oil field.The product has unique internal compression function, high discharge pressure, large compression ratio, strong oil-gas mixing function, high efficiency and energy saving, etc., which can meet the requirements of oil-gas mixing process and working conditions in onshore and offshore oil fields, etc. It is a new generation of advanced oil-gas mixing equipment.
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