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KW Series Vane Rotor Pumps It is mainly composed of rotor, pump body, slide plate and two side sealing plate.It is a sliding vane rotor pump which can transfer liquid or pressurize liquid by the change of working volume between the pump body and the adjacent sliding vane on the rotor when the eccentric rotor rotates

product feature
The product features self-priming performance, the sliding vane rotor pump in the working process, at the entrance will produce a certain degree of vacuum, and can form a certain degree of self-priming ability
High efficiency, sliding vane rotor pump sliding vane by centrifugal force, mechanical thrust combined action, close to the curve movement of the pump body, so that the pump has a unique high efficiency
The self-adjusting sliders keep the same performance, and the sliders slide out from the rotor slot, continuously replenishing the wear, without reducing the performance of the pump
The sliding vane rotor pump operates at a low speed in the working process, so as to ensure that the material characteristics of the transported material can be retained to the maximum extent in the process of being transported, and the characteristics of logistics will not be damaged
Easy maintenance, easy to open the pump cover, remove the old slide, insert a new slide, only a few minutes, the pump can be back to work.Routine checks are also very easy
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