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Pulsation Dampener

Product Number: KW-MPP-05 API Pulsation Dampener/Air Bag Used For drilling Triplex Mud Pump.

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Kingwell Pulsation Dampener Features & Benefits:
Used in F series, PZ series, P series mud pump
Our air bag has advanced structure, reliable performance, can make the mud pump to achieve the best effect of suction.

Kingwell Integral Forging Pulsation Dampener

Product characteristics

KINGWELL Pulsation Damper is an integral fluid damper without welding. The shell of Pulsation Damper is an empty spherical body made with integral forging and integral machining. Compared with the traditional structure featuring integral forging, semi-shell welding or semi-shell threading connection, Pulsation Damper has higher structural strength and reliability.
Working principle

The inner chamber of the capsule shell is divided into the upper and the lower parts. The capsule is filled with nitrogen or inert gas, and the lower chamber of the shell is connected to the output pipe of the mud pump. When the mud pump works, high pressure is produced. When the pressure fluctuates inside the pipe, the pulsation damper functions: when the pressure inside the pipe is higher than that inside the capsule, the gas is compressed. The volume of the capsule is compressed and the energy is accumulated, and the pressure inside the pipe is lowered; when the pressure inside the pipe is lower than that inside the capsule, the capsule releases energy, and the gas expands and the pressure inside the pipe rises. In this way, the pulsation damper lowers the pressure peak inside the pipe of the mud pump, stabilizes the output pressure of the pipe, and guarantees the smooth operation of the equipment.
General structure


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