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Casing Hanger and Tubing Hanger

Product Number: KW-WH-17 Casing hanger supports the casing string and tubing hanger provides a primary annulus seal between the tubing and production casing.

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Casing Hanger
KINGWELL Casing Hanger Features & Benefits
Casing hanger is an assembly which can support the casing string when it is used in the wellhead. The casing hanger can assure the casing string is correctly located and generally incorporates a sealing device or system to isolate the casing annulus from upper wellhead components.
1. Slip-Type casing hangers
Combines packoff, slip bowl and slips into a single unit
The packoff seals the casing annulus below the slips when casing load is applied, allowing annulus packoff before removing BOP and cutting casing
Easy to install, simple construction containing few parts
2. Mandrel casing hangers:
Mandrel style hanger is fluted to allow cement returns
Hanger is rated to or above the joint strength of the casing it is suspending
Compression-type seal is energized by locking pins
Extended Neck Interference seals, seal off in adapter, standard DWE casing spool or tubing head
KINGWELLCasing Hanger Techincal Data:
Applicable location: various casing procedure tests
Test pressure: 80% of pressure casing resists outside pressure or working pressure, of which the smaller one is accepted.
Working medium: oil, natural gas, slurry, gas containing H 2 S and CO 2 .
Gas working temperature: -46℃ ~121℃ (LU level)
Product Performance level: PR1~2
Tubing Hanger
KINGWELLTubing Hanger Features & Benefits
Tubing hanger is an assembly used in the oil or gas production wells. It is installed in the top bowl of a tubing head. And it suspends the tubing and provide a primary annulus seal between the tubing and production casing. Tubing hanger often own through ports to allow the communication of hydraulic,electric and other downhole control functions, as well as chemical injection.
KINGWELL Tubing Hanger Techincal Data:
Temperature level:LU
Material Class:AA、BB、CC、DD、EE、FF
Product Specification Level:PSL1~PSL4
Product Performance Level:PR1~2
Medium: oil, natural gas, slurry, gas containing H 2 S and CO2 
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