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Diverter 29 ½” 500 PSI
The set consists of:
 Diverter spool 29 ½” 500 psi
(13 5/8”x 2M flanged side outlets)
 Hydraulic gate 13 5/8”x 2M for diverter spool.  Double action
 Pins, nuts, ring gaskets for all connections.
1 (one) set consist of:
Ring gasket R 95                      5 ea.
Ring gasket R57                       8 ea.
stud 1 3/4”x 9 1/8”                    28 ea.
stud 1 3/4”x 13 1/2”                  56  ea.
stud 1 ¼”x 9”                            80 ea.
nut 1 3/4”                                140 ea.
nut 1 ¼”                                 160  ea.
29 ½” 500 PSI companion flange for diverter         
13 5/8” x 2M  blind flange                 
13 5/8” x 500 PSI  hose
(One end 13 5/8”x 2M flange ,the other end with quick-disconnecting joint),   L= 6 metre
13 5/8” x 500 PSI hose (with quick-disconnecting joint)  L= 6 m
    The Diverter
    Hydraulic actuation ball valve Ocean drilling BOP
    Land drilling BOP
    Rotating BOP
    The gas layer development BOP
    Drilling BOP
    Cable BOP
    Sucker rod BOP
    Coiled tubing BOP
    The well test BOP
    Annular BOP Rams BOP Shaffer/Cameron/Hydril style BOP
    Spray box BOP at low temperature Shear ram BOP
    Variable bore ram BOP H2S resistant BOP With pressure cylinder BOP
    Manual locking BOP Hydraulic locking BOP Double orifice ram BOP
    Forging blowout preventer Casting blowout preventer BOP for workover BOP
    Components Well control system attachment Hydraulic locking system Choke kill manifold BOP
    controller Mobile device of BOP
    The well test system
    High-pressure hose Quick connector
    Electric control system of drilling rig Hydraulic Disc brake Magnetic Eddy Current Brake

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