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API Spec 5CT OCTG & Tubulars

API Spec 5CT, API Spec 5B, ISO11960, ISO13679, ISO13680
J55 K55 N80-1 R95, M65, N80-Q, L80-1, L80-9Cr,  L80-13Cr, C90-1, T95-1, C110,  P110, Q125, V150
Premium Connection TPCO/WSP/BAOSTEEL
Outer Diameter: 4-1/2 inch – 13-3/8 inch
5.21 mm – 15.88 mm
The Material selection chart provides a simplified guideline to choose from the material applications based on CO2 content, H2S content and temperature.
Nickel Alloy
Duplex Stalnless Steel
Martensltlc Ferrltlc Stalnless Steel
Martensltlc Stalness Steel
Sour Service Carbon Steel
Non Sour Carbon Steel
supply casing and tubing pipe as per API 5CT standard to cover all the standard size, with its threading factory in Shanghai and partner threading mill in India, Indonesia, Thailand,  Vietnam, Russia etc.  Tenergy is also authorized to be distributor of top Chinese steel mill and OCTG mill like TPCO, Baosteel, CSST, Valin etc.  
Tubing and Casing with Premium Connection
Premium Connection of TPCO/WSP/BaoSteel Series,etc.
Premium Connections equivalent to all international popular premium connections like New VAM, VAM TOP, VAM FJL, VAM TOP HC, CS, PH6, BIG OMEGA, RL-4,Viper etc.
Flush Premium Connection FLUSH is a flush OD premium connection with metal-to-metal seal, hooked thread form and external torque shoulder for liner applications.
Semi Flush Premium Connection
Semi Flush is an integral casing connection that utilized the latest in Finite Element Analysis and physical testing technology during its development.
Integral Joint Tubing
Finished Seamless Tubing with Integral Joint
Tubing is used for delivering the oil and gas to ground from well bottom., incluing NU, EU and IJ tubing.
EU tubing: Upsetting pipe ends, threading and coupling.
NU tubing: Non-upsetting pipe ends; Threading and coupling.
IJ tubing: Inter upsetting at one end, external threading, external upsetting at another end, inter threading, direct connection without threading.
Our company designed centering claw to eliminate the original error, radial bounce of clamping disk reduced to 0.02mm from 0.15mm, enhanced the axiality of thread and body. We improved cutting cooing system to eliminate thermal deformation, improved tooling
Lubrication, enhanced thread dimension precision and surface quality.
Our company has set up a new thread surface strengthening treatment line, after several tests, we got big succeed, no thread gluing appeared after 10 screwing up and off tests.
Through continuous quality and production control, the tubings manufactured by our company have even WT, good tensile, and smooth thread surface and sealing performance.
Crossover and Pup Joint
supply cross over and pup joints with various steel grade and size:
Spectial Grade:
1.Anti-H2S 75SS 95SS 105SS 135SS
2.High Torqe Drill Pipe
3.Low Tempeture Drill Pipe
4.Aluminium Drill Pipe
Vacuum Insulated Tubing and Casing
steam is injected into the ground through an injector well to heat bitumen to make it more mobile (less viscous) and can then be extracted through a producer well. Both wells must be “pre-heated” before they can be used – a process which can take three to five months. The injected steam loses heat as it travels down the well to the bitumen-bearing zone. Additional steam is typically injected to make up for this heat loss, but Vacuum Insulating Tubing (VIT) technology helps to reduce the need for adding additional steam.
Innovation and Technology
 Vacuum insulated tubing digaram
VIT consists of two concentric, tubing strings. The air between the tubulars is removed, creating a vacuum layer that is difficult for heat to move across. Therefore, vacuum insulated tubing greatly reduces the amount of heat that a well loses to its surroundings above the bitumen-bearing zone.
The trialing of VIT and its eventual commercial application was completed through the Surmont joint venture project between ConocoPhillips Canada and Total E&P Canada.
Environmental Benefits
By reducing heat loss, less natural gas is burned to heat water to make steam. This reduces greenhouse gas emissions. Additionally, because not as much steam is needed to soften the bitumen, the amount of water used is also reduced. Tests to date suggest wells equipped with vacuum insulated tubing may need as little as 75 days of “pre-heating,” reducing the time, fuel and water required for wells to start producing bitumen (compared to the traditional three to four month time frame for pre-heating ).
Anti-Corrsion Tubing and Casing
Special Steel Grade Tubing and Casing
Since its Foundation,  has been devoting itself to providing comprehensive and high-quality products and services for global petroleum and gas industry for many years. It can not only provide common steel grade casing and tubing but also provide special steel grade casing and tubing.
Special Steel Grade Tubing and Casings from  are available with the following types and features:
Ⅰ. Anti-Collapsing casing series 
High collapsing Series:80T, 90T, 110T, 125T, 130T, 140T, 150T, 155T, 160T
Super High collapsing Series:80TT, 90TT, 110TT, 125TT, 130TT, 140TT, 150TT, 155TT, 160TT
High collapsing + High Anti-Corrosion:80TS/80TSS, 90TS/90TSS, 95TS/95TSS, 110TS/110TSS
According to the development of oil and gas wells,  collapsing series casing has the following characteristics: Diameter is round and oval is little----- oval≤ 0.5%
Thickness is high accurate and distance is little ---- the same cross-section inequality is ≤ 9.5% 
Strength is high and performance is steady - Heat treatment is by quenching and tempering 
Low residual stress
•Deep and super deep well
•To separate rock salt layer and soft layer
•Well with the H2S Corrosion condition
Ⅱ. High and super high strength casing series 
High impact toughness; 
Testing inside / outside surface of vertical / horizontal L2 level, 100% of WT test; Fitting and pipe body have high strength, and to ensure the internal pressure, external collapse resistance and the overall connection performance well.
Mainly used for deep and super deep oil and gas exploitation.
Ⅲ. Anti-corrosion oil casing series 
Anti-H2S Corrosion OCTG Series: 80S, 90S, 95S, 110S
High Anti-H2S Corrosion OCTG Series: 80SS, 90SS, 95SS, 110SS
Low Cr anti-CO2 Corrosion OCTG Series: 90-3Cr, 95-3Cr, 110-3Cr, 125-3Cr
Low Cr anti-CO2+H2S Corrosion OCTG Series: 80S-3Cr, 90S-3Cr, 95S-3Cr, 110S-2Cr
Low Cr anti-CO2+High Anti-H2S Corrosion OCTG Series: 80SS-3Cr, 90SS-3Cr, 95SS-3Cr 
High Cr anti-CO2 Corrosion OCTG Series: 80-13Cr, 110-13Cr
High Cr anti-CO2+H2S Corrosion OCTG Series: 80S-13Cr, 110S-13Cr
Steel purity - P ≤ 0.010%, S ≤ 0.006%; 
Performance is steady - all cross-sectional area of steel after quenching can receive more than 98% marten site, there will be fine even tempered sorbite organization after tempering 
Stress corrosion - to eliminate residual stress, surface corrosion of the structure to form one or several atomic layer of the high stability of alloy corrosion resistance group content of oxide film
Homogeneous - grain size ≥ 8 level, uniform hardness; 
•Wells with CO2 corrosion condition. 
•Wells with CO2+H2S corrosion condition
•Wells with CO2+H2S+Cl- corrosion condition
Ⅳ. Heavy oil thermal recovery pipes
Self-development: 80H, 100H, and 110H Series
Performance of tensile under short-time high temperature condition is high. The decline of the performance is little with the temperature rising.
Used for prolonged heat exploitation under 350℃ working temperature,
Ⅴ. Perforating gun barrel 
Self-development:25Mn2V, 30CrMo, 32CrMo4 Series
High precision control of product size, performance and stability
Used for the manufacture of oil and gas well perforating gun body.
R & D situation: 
Perforation barrel projects are used 25Mn2V, 32CrMo4 (30CrMo) material for trial, the results after testing, performance, size, testing are in line with set requirements
Ⅵ. Water Injection Pipe
Low Cr anti CO2, Anti-H2S corrosion of water injection oil casing series
Style Anti-CO2 corrosion performance Anti-H2S corrosion performance Connection strength with the body Anti-corrosion performance of connection General
Performance Cost
Protective Coating Part corrosion Failed Bad Bad Good High
Plating Part corrosion Failed Bad Bad Good High
Stainless steel lining Part corrosion Failed Bad Bad Good High
Nit riding Depends on the thickness of nitrided layer Failed Good Depends on the thickness of nitrided layer Plastic
Lower High
low Cr product Adjustment according to condition Good General good Adjustment according to condition Good Depends on the alloy content
R & D situation: water injection pipes have been successfully tested. The evaluation of test performance can meet the requirements of the conditions for sale
Ⅶ. Anti- H2S corrosion line pipes
Product standards, steel grade: 
Standard: API SPEC 5L, ISO3183, GB/T9711
Steel Grade:L245NCS, L290NCS, L360NCS, L290QCS, L360QCS, L415QCS, L450QCS
According to the development needs of oil and gas wells, Chang Po H2S corrosion resistant line pipe has the following characteristics:
Pure steel, in which: P ≤ 0.015%, S ≤ 0.003%; performance and stability, the composition of the uniform
Transportation of oil and gas with H2S corrosion condition.
Ⅷ. Premium connection series
Equivalent to Tynaris-Hydril series, vam series, Hunting series and JFE series.

Oil and gas line pipe include spiral seam submerged arc welded (SSAW) pipe, longitudinal seam submerged arc welded (LSAW) pipe,
longitudinal seam electric resistance welded (ERW) pipes and seamless (SMLS) pipes.

Pipe Fitting/Valve/Flange
Pipe Standards API Spec 5L Specification for line pipe;
ISO3183 Petroleum and natural gas industries-steel pipe transportation systems
DIN 17172 Steel pipe lines for the transport of combustible fluids and gases;
Other related specifications and standards.
Pipe Size: SMLS: 1/2”--26”
ERW: 2 3/8--26”
LSAW: 16--80”
SSAW: 8”—120”
Steel Grade:    A, B, X42, X46, X52,X56, X60, X65, X70, X80, X100 etc
L245, L290, L360 etc
Coating    External FBE, 2PP/2PE, 3PP/3PE.
External and Internal epoxy coating
Internal or external bitumen coating
Cement lining
Other kinds of coating for water/oil/gas

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