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Drilling Waste Management

Drilling Waste Management
Drilling waste management has put forward higher requirements with the constant improvement of the environmental protection requirement. Drilling waste purification system can not only be very good to solve the environmental problems, but also can do recycling to the waste of the solid control system. While drilling cutting management system maximize retains the useful mud, and it concentrated solidify after processing of drilling cuttings. That helps to reduce the destruction of the environment in oil filed working.
Oilfield environmental drilling waste management system usually contains drying shaker, screw pump, vertical cutting dryer, screw conveyor, etc those can be used for the mud dry processing such as solids control equipment

Drilling Waste Management Process:

Key Equipment for Drilling Waste Management
1. Vertical cutting dryer
Vertical cutting dryer is mainly used in waste mud treatment for environmental protection. KINGWELL Dryer can effectively recycle
oils from the cuttings, which can effectively achieve curing transport and meet the requirements of environmental protection. KINGWELL vertical cutting dryer’s capacity is 40-50 tons per hour, and usually the oil content is lower than 3% after processing, which means KINGWELL vertical cutting dryer can conform to the requirements of the typical 6%. KINGWELL vertical cutting dryer can be used for various types of drilling mud and it is very effective to dry oil-based and compound base drilling cuttings mud.

Technical Parameter

Model KWVC-1000
Max. Diameter Of Drum 950mm
Rotation Speed 820r/min
G-Force 360
Max.Capacity 60T/h
Oil On Cuttings (OOC) ≤5%
Main Motor Power 55kW(75HP)
Screen Openning 0.015”,0.020”
Ex-Mark ExdⅡBT4/ ExdⅡCT3 / ATEX
Power 380V/50Hz or 460V/60Hz/td>
Dimensions(L×W×H) 3820mm×3360mm×5900mm
Weight 8700kg
2. Decanter centrifuge

Decanter centrifuge is used to separate suspended solids ≥2μm in diameter and treat the drilling mud and fluids. It is especially effective when used in oilfield service industry, industrial service industry and especially in environmentally sensitive areas. This type of centrifuge is high in recovery rate, effective in solid control and remarkable in the reduction of cost spent on drilling mud resupplying and management. It is a very sophisticated dynamic balancing machine, able to operate stably with the whirling speed ranging from 0 to 3900 and generate centrifugal force of 3000G.

Technical Parameter

Model KWD450 KWD355 KWI355
Fixed Speed VFD Fixed Speed VFD Fixed Speed
Bowl Diameter(mm)/(in) 450/18 450/18 355/14 355/14 355/14
Bowl Length(mm)/(in) 1000 / 39 1000 / 39 1257 / 49 1257 / 49 1422 / 56
Max. Bowl Speed(RPM) 3200 3900 3900 3900 3900
Typical Bowl Speed(RPM) 1700 & 2200 ~3300 2000 & 3200 ~3200 2000 & 3200(60Hz)
G-Force 728 & 1215 ~2745 794/2032 794/2032 794/2032(60Hz)
Max Capacity(m³/h) 45m³/h 45m³/h 35m³/h 35m³/h 35m³/h
Separation point (μm) 4~7 2~7 2~7 2~7 2~7
Main Motor(kW) 30 30 30 30 37
Back Drive Motor(kW) 7.5 7.5 7.5 7.5 7.5
Type of Gearbox planery1:57 planery1:57 planery1:57 planery1:57 planery1:57
Dimension: L×W×H(mm)/(in) 2900×2200×1285
Weight(kg) 2870 3450 2940 3520 3310
Power 460V/60Hz or 380V/50Hz or Customized

3. Drying Shaker

Drying shaker is one of the KINGWELL’s new shale shakers combining with the international market demand which can meet the needs of environmental protection. Drying shaker is the first phase of solid control equipment. Drying shaker makes the whole tail drilling processing sustained and effective by drying, screening and purifying drilling cutting waste. And it is the perfect match with vertical cutting dryer.

Technical Parameter

Model KWLS584-D
Motion Linear Motion
Motor Power kW/HP 2×1.86kW(2×2.5HP)(Martin)
Vibrating Strength 7.3(6.8~7.8)
Shaker Screen m²/ ft2 2.7/29
Deck Adjustment -1~+5
screen type Frame/Pre-tensioned
Screen Dimension mm/in 585×1165 / 23×46
screen quantity 4
Noise(dB) <85
Weir Height mm/in 1171/46
Dimension mm/in 2752×1892×1762/108×74×69
Weight kg/lbs 1590/3506
Remark Collecting Box Volume:1.5m³

4. Screw conveyor

Screw Conveyor has horizontal, diagonal and combination form. it can be used with other transportation equipment. And it works through the combined transport, separate transportation, mixing, blending, dehydration, compound, unloading and stacking, etc. the whole drilling processing. Screw conveyor is used to deal with the waste drilling fluid and cuttings transportation.
Technical Parameter

Model KWLS305 KWLS355
Diameter (mm)/(in) 305 / 12 355 / 14
Change speed through pulleys (RPM) 40/60 40/60
Change speed through handwheel(RPM) 40~100 40~100
Max. Capacity(T/h) 40 50
Length (m)/(ft) 3.66 / 12 7.32 / 24 10.97 / 36 3.66 / 12 7.32 / 24 7.32 / 24
Motor Power (kW) 5.5 7.5 11 5.5 7.5 11
Dimensions (handwheel) (mm)/(in) 4940×450×800
Dimensions (pulleys)(mm)/(in) 4340×450×1300

5. Screw pump
It is a slurry transportation equipment in the processing of drilling cuttings tail rotor. The features are less components, compact structure, small volume, simple maintenance, and easy installation for pump rotor and stator which are vulnerable parts.
Technical Parameter

Model Flow Pressure Max Speed Motor Inlet Outlet Max solids
KWSWP-40 12m3/h/53GPM 0.6MPA 960RPM 4kw/5.5HP 80mm/3in 65mm/21/2in 3.8
KWSWP-50 14m3/h/62GPM 0.6MPA 720RPM 5.5kw/7.5HP 100mm/4in 80mm/3in 5.0
KWSWP-60 22m3/h/97GPM 0.6MPA 720RPM 11kw/15HP 120mm/5in 100mm/4in 6.0
KWSWP-70 40m3/h/76GPM 0.6MPA 720RPM 11kw/15HP 150mm/6in 125mm/5in 8.0
KWSWP-85 56m3/h/246GPM 0.6MPA 630RPM 15kw/20HP 150mm/6in 150mm/6in 10.0
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